How to Register

I need to pay the bills too. Many of the mXac releases are fully featured so you can experiment with the applications and see if they're useful to you.

If you end up using an application, I'd appreciate it if you'd register and pay the small US$20.00 to $45.00 registration fee.



Mike Rozak (mXac)

This registration page is for the following mXac applications, which are fully featured as is:
  • Dragonfly
  • Oil Painting Assistant


To Register by credit card over the Internet

Credit Card payment is handled by, a US company that has a secure Internet site. Internet Explorer shows a small lock icon in its status bar to indicate that communications with the site are encrypted. Netscape Navigator has similar functionality.

Dagonfly and Oil Painting Assistant have a registration key. Your key will be automatically sent to you when you register. (Possum and $tochastic do not have a registration key.)




To Register by Personal Check

You can send a personal check to:


PO Box 378
Noonamah, NT 0837

Please include your E-mail and the application name you are registering. Even though I don't need this information for most registrations, I'd like to know for my records, so that I can E-mail you about updates. Dragonfly and Oil Painting Assistant have a registration key. I will send you the registration key in E-mail, based upon your E-mail address.




My bank accepts checks from the following countries:

Australia - Just send a check for $25.00 Australian for Dragonfly, or $30.00 Australian for the others.

United States - US$20.00 for Dragonfly. $25.00 US for the others.

Major Currencies - Send the equivalent of US$20 for Dragonfly, or $25.00 US for the others.


GST for Australian Businesses

The price includes GST. My ABN is "59 902 866 752".

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